Frequently Asked Questions


Which type of coal/smokeless fuel do I need?
Each coal/smokeless fuel has a description of the situations they are best suited for. If you are still unsure, please get in touch to discuss your options.

Which type of gas do I need?
If you already have a gas bottle and require the same one, check your bottle for the colour and size marked on the bottle and match it to the correct one in our shop HERE. If you already have a gas bottle and require a different one, you can exchange your bottle for any gas bottle within the same category. If you need a bottle belonging to a different category, you will need to purchase a new Cylinder Refill Agreement. If you are unsure which category your bottle belongs to, please get in touch

What is a Cylinder Refill Agreement?
Calor's Cylinder Refill Agreement is the contract with Calor you sign when you get your first bottle from Calor direct, or through a re-seller like us. Once you have a refill agreement in place, you can exchange your empty bottle for a full one with any re-seller. You can cancel this agreement at any time by returning the bottle to us and receive up to 70% refund. See Calor's Website for more details, and contact us to sign up.

Local Brands

  • Argos Bakery
  • Baikies Biscuits
  • Barony Mill
  • Birsay Bay Tearooms
  • Crantit Dairy
  • Deerness Distillery
  • E Flett Butcher
  • Eviedale Bakehouse
  • Gairsty Quarry Ltd
  • iDesign
  • Jollys of Orkney
  • Kirkjuvagr
  • Orkney Brewery
  • Orkney Fish
  • Orkney Gin Company
  • Rendalls Bakery
  • Swannay Brewery
  • The Orkney Dairy
  • Westray Bakehouse
  • Williamsons Butcher

Delivery Schedule

We deliver all over mainland Orkney Monday-Friday. Check our delivery schedule to see when we are in your area.